An amazing birthday gift from the gorgeous Tori @bellentina ❤️ My very first piece of La Perla, Black Label no less! And incase you can’t see, yes that’s a print of a butt on the cup. Entirely appropriate and a cherished gift. #LadyBellentina #LaPerla #Birthday #Cabaret #ButtBra #BlackLabel

"When I ask you to kiss my pulse, you offer to start the shower.

I want a verb and you give me a noun,

What do you dream up, while I tongue you down?”

So many things I could say about this but I’m just gonna leave it sat right here…                                                                                                  Definitely wont be the last WHY? I post, but this was one of the tracks that got me hooked for’real good, back when I was an excruciatingly socially derpy young teenager.

WHY?’s entire discography basically presents itself like the soundtrack to my painful adolescence so let’s all rejoice for growing older, but not wiser and continuing to cry in bathroom stalls and at front rows of shows 5ever.