The first time I slept with a boy, we passed out watching Blue Velvet. I remember the song playing all night as the DVD menu stayed on loop. In the morning when we woke up, we went out on the balcony for coffee and cigarettes. Strains of the song drifted on the sumer breeze from a radio in a garage somewhere further up the hill where an old man tinkered on a car with idle Sunday hands. 

Everything around us was still.

His arm grazed past my hip, a cigarette burnt down to my fingertips as we both stood in silence, elbows on the banister.  

It was years before we fucked. Even longer before he asked me out, but all this time later I’ll always remember that moment as the one in which I knew I’d fallen in love.

Nir Arieli is an ex-military photographer whose work I stumbled upon during preliminary research for my thesis and whose images helped me define, within myself, notions of the body as an entity that cannot be fully grasped. 

His project ‘Tension’ employs double (triple/quadruple/quintuple/sextuple/septuple etc) exposure techniques to highlight subtle and sometimes drastic movements of the figure. The shapes created and the space occupied by the body is frozen in flux.

View more of his incredible work here and here